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Best Picks Magazine:  10 Hot Health & Beauty Trends You Need to Try in 2016  Includes our organic Sesame Oil for Oil Pulling & Skincare plus our ZEN Power Serum



wellness magWellness Magazine. French Women Know Best. Highlights the Founder of Sublime Beauty and Sublime Naturals and the French influence.

Posh Beauty Winter Skincare Guide: Includes Sublime Beauty Products for Healthy Winter Skin

Daily Makeover: Avoid Stress for Your Health and Beauty, Sublime Beauty Quoted

VAnity fair coverVanity Fair Magazine and Best Picks: Sublime’s Daily Body Oil Mentioned as a Sensuous Valentine’s Day Treat for Massage

Best Picks MagazineNew Sublime Sampler Mentioned in a Travel Article by Dr. Miczak

Amber Norell: Writes about our Skin Brush, Daily Body Oil and Face Whisperer Day

X-Treme X-Training: Includes our Organic Sesame Oil in its Story

All Natural Katie: Covers our Skin Brush

Lucky Magazine and Best Picks Magazine:  New Year | 10 Top Health & Beauty Trends Includes Sublime Lucky_Mag_CoverPhytoceramides and Sublime Skin Brushes

Today Show: New Year New YOUBold Beauty Trends for 2015 Include Quote from Sublime Beauty on SKIN BRUSHING

Best Picks Magazine: Beach Buffed Body – Model Tricks Include Cellulite Whisperer and Cell Renewal Serums

The Examiner: Enrich with the Collagen Mask

Christine’s Reviews Examines SKIN BRUSHING and our Healthy Skin Brush

SteamFeed: Stem Cell Serum “Cell Renewal Fibroblast Serum” from Sublime

HealthProductReports: The Glycolic Serum

Best Picks Magazine:  Top Fall SkinCare Includes Sublime Naturals ZEN POWER SERUM




Glamour Magazine, June Issue 2014:   Your Top 10 Beauty Beach Rules. Tip 5 Our Skin Brush!

Beauty High, May 9, 2014: 5 Reasons You Need to Try Skin Brushing Now!

My-7-Secret-Weapons-for-Gorgeous-Skin a new modeA New Mode, May 2014: My 7 Secret Weapons for Gorgeous Skin by Sabrina Alexis. Includes Sublime Beauty® Retinol

BeautyStyleWatch: The Sublime Beauty Ageless Serums

The Daily Makeover (December): 10 Beauty Sins to Avoid Committing

Skye & Beyond Reviews (November): Face Whisperer Neck & Decollete

Best Picks Magazine (November): Christmas Gifts from Katy Perry, Crabtree and Sublime Beauty!

Prevention Magazine (December): Acne Treatments to Try (including Sublime Sulfur Mask)

The Daily Makeover: 13 Foods for Perfect Skin, Nov 4th, 2014 (Sublime Beauty quoted)

The Examiner,May 10, 2014: Face Whisperer® Review, awaken your complexion!

Fashion 360 Mag: The Ageless Serums

CurveCoverCurve Magazine: Celebrity Skin (September edition, Out Mid August).
Our Face Whisperer Day Cream is Highlighted

BeautyHigh: 10 Ways You May Be Irritating Your Skin (Sublime Beauty Quoted)

Eco-Beautiful Weddings, June 2014: All Natural Daily Body Oil

The Examiner, June 2014: The Ageless Line
2014-09-28_1145NBC Morning Show, Atlanta & Co, Highlights Our Skin Brushes in a segment with Nyssa Green 

Best Picks Magazine: Chooses Our Collagen Serum and Face Whisperer Neck & Decollete Cream

Healthy Brands Showcase | HealthyLicious Bliss: Includes Sublime Beauty Skin Brush

Beauty Blogger: Have Sippy Will Travel. Our Collagen Antioxidant Mask is put to the test.

Skin Awareness Cover


USA TODAY and Mediaplanet: Healthy Skin Feature

Lucky Magazine: New Skincare Secrets from Sublime Beauty include Face Whisperer Day and Neck Creams, Collagen Serum and Phytoceramides

Hotsy Totsy Beauty, June 2014: Our Phytoceramideschic galleria

Beauty Girl Musings: Blemish Terminator® from Sublime Beauty®

CHIC GALLERIA: 3 AntiAging Picks  

My Teen Style: Blemish Terminator for Acne Awareness Month

The Examiner, July 2014: Banish Bridal Breakouts

Beauty High: 10 Things No One Ever Tells You About…Skin

Vetta mag products Vit C

Vetta Magazine, September 2014:  Vitamin C Products


Hanging Off the Wire: Ageless Serums and CollagenImage Mag mentions oil

Orlando Sentinel, May 6, 2014: Mother’s Day Gifts, Last Minute Deals!

Image Mag Daily Body Oil summer 2014_Page_1IMAGE Magazine (June|July): Daily Body Oil

Yours in Bridal:  Blemish Terminator

Best Cellulite Guide: Sublime Beauty Dry Skin Brush Banishes Cellulite

Hollywood Life by Bonnie Fuller: Blemish Terminator

Jennie Yuen: Earth Friendly Brands – Daily Body Oil from Sublime Beauty

Have Sippy Will Travel: Japanese Beauty Secrets and Phytoceramides

Daily Makeover: 6 Ways to Revamp and Beautify at Lunchtime

Chic Galleria: Face Whisperer Day Cream on Instagram

Beautiful Mommies:  Earth Day – Sublime Beauty Natural Body Oil

Tiffany Reviews, Collagen Peptide Serum, June 2014: Sublime Beauty Review of Collagen Serum

glamour lipstick photo


Lipstick (GLAMOUR Blog), May 15 2014: Beauty DOs and DON’Ts  Our Skin Brush is a DO!

Lucky Magazine, July: Our Skin Brush is included in the BEACH ME article

Tiffany Reviews: Sublime Beauty Review

BeautyStyleWatch: Get Rid of Acne (Blemish Terminator)

Lucky Magazine covers our Collagen Peptide Serum and Face Whisperer Neck & Decollete Cream

MSN Living: Dry Skin Brush

Posh Mom: Loves our Daily Body Oil

Wallet Friendly Summer Must-Haves from Savvy Saving Couple, May 13: Face Whisperer Neck & Decollete Included in the Story

StyleBlazer: Top Collagen Boosters includes our Phytoceramides

LaDue News Sun SenseKaisy Daisy’s Corner: Review of Ageless Line Smoother Serum

LADUE NEWS: Sun Sense Protection Includes out SPF30 Vitamin C Cream

The Examiner: All Natural Daily Body Oil Review

Be Flossie: Sublime Beauty Phytoceramides Reviewed

Luxury Web Magazine: Summertime Tips (Ageless Line Smoother)

Best Picks Magazine: Our Skin Brush is Included in Best Products for a Beach Vacation

I Am The Makeup Junkie: Reviews Face Whisperer Night Cream

All Beautiful Mommies:  Sublime Beauty Aloe Products

Daisy’s Reviews: Skin Brush, Retinol and Bracelet Gift Box

Urbanette-slloganUrbanette Magazine: Kathy Heshelow’s article on Skin Brushing “10 Minutes Per Day to Get Glowing”

 The Daily Makeover: Why You Should Be Drinking Aloe Vera with quote from Kathy Heshelow of Sublime Beauty

Beauty Blogger Have Sippy Will Travel on our Phytoceramides

Best Picks Magazine on our Phytoceramides and Book About Phytoceramides entitled “Phytoceramides: Anti Aging at its Best”


Daily Makeover, March 2014: Why You Should Consider Skin Brushing by Megan Segura

Lifestyle Mirror, March 2014: Skincare 101: A Trick to Eliminate Cellulite
Compressed FB Skin Couple

BeautyNews NY, March 2014 (Collagen  Serum):   Beautyscopes

NEWSWATCH TV Reviews Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel

Jersey Fashionista, March 2014 (Daily Body Oil): Sublime Beauty’s Daily Body Oil

SuperGlamNews, March 2014 (Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel): Review on Advanced Eye Gel

I am THE Makeup Junkie blog, March 2014 (Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel): Review of Advanced Eye Gel

Networking Witches, March 2014 (Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel & Ageless Line Smoother): Story about Advanced Eye Gel & Line Smoother

Jen’s Blog of Thoughts March 27 (Daily Body Oil): Sublime Beauty Launches Daily Body Oil

All Beautiful Mommies Blog, March 2014 (Face Whisperer Night Cream): Review of Face Whisperer Night Cream

Examiner Valentine’s Day Guide, Feb 2014 (Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel): Beauty GuideS

Fashion 360, Feb 2014: Valentine’s Day Beauty Deals We Love

Pretty City: Valentine’s Day Deals

Hotsy Totsy Beauty, Feb 2014: I’m Advanced, and so is my Skincare

Examiner Highlights Advanced Eye Gel, February 2014: Sublime Beauty Face Whisperer

All Beautiful Mommies: Turn Back Hands of Time with Sublime Beauty

It’s a Glam Thing by Vicki Fischer, February 2014: Sublime Beauty’s French-Inspired “Aging Gracefully”

Pretty City Blog, February 2014: Review of Face Whisperer Advanced Eye GelValentines man with box and flowers EDITED shorter

Queen Bee’s Buzz, February 2014: Great New Skincare Products, Ageless Line Smoother

Terry’s Spa, Beauty & WellnessWinter Doldrum Perks, Sublime Beauty Collagen Serum

Two Classy Chics: Face Whisperer Advanced Eye Gel

Natural Skin Care, Feb 2014: Natural Skincare Oils at Sublime Beauty

Sarah Velasco, Jan 2014: Valentine’s Day Beauty Dealsf

I Am THE Makeup Junkie, Jan 2014: Face Whisperer Advanced Eye Gel

Mimi Loves All 8, Jan 2014: Ageless Line Smoother

All Beautiful Mommies, Jan 2014: Aging Gracefully the French Way with Ageless Line Smoother

Makeup University Inc, Jan 2014: Sublime Beauty and the Grammy’s

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