About Sublime Companies & Kathy Heshelow

Sublime Beauty® & Sublime Naturals® are French-inspired companies founded by Kathy Heshelow.

Sublime Beauty focuses on anti-aging and healthy skin, while Sublime Naturals focuses on essential oils, alternative health & wellness.

kathy heshelow

Heshelow says: “I was lucky enough to live in Paris, France for 16 years.  I observed great skin care secrets and practices like using essential oils among French and European women and bring this to my companies – and now my books!”

“I am a 60 year old baby-boomer (though I don’t feel it!), and go through all of the aging and skin health issues that many of you do (or will!)   My attitude, like the French, is to use products and techniques (like peptides to boost collagen, masks to nurture, botanicals to hydrate, Skin Brushing for wellness and essential oils for all sorts of issues and beauty.)

“By using such products ingredients to feel good, beauty and confidence can really shine through.”

“Many of the skincare products are also pre-emptive, perfect for those in their 30s and 40s who are thinking ahead while essential oils are great for all!”

Many Sublime products are warehoused, fulfilled and sold on Amazon.com with its trusted platform and payment choices. I currently publish all of my books on Amazon as well – Kindle ebooks and paperback.

I focus on a high level of customer service and satisfaction. It provides educational brochures on many of its products after purchase.

Products are also found on our webstores at SublimeBeautyShop, SublimeNaturals.com and BooksByHeshelow.comSign up for newsletters or secret deals on the site of interest!  A general site, www.KathyHeshelow.com is also available. 


Kathy and Sublime Beauty® is a big fan of Skin Brushing!  The company has a website devoted to this healthy practice.


A short video about Sublime Beauty:

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